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TactStaff makes it easier for you to make a difference

A photo of a nurse smilingWant to make a real difference as a travel healthcare professional? It’s all about being there, wherever “there” may be. But the nature of travel staffing means that locating your next adventure is not as easy as picking a spot on a map.

As a job-seeker, you’re always looking for the right assignment, in the right place, with the right benefits. But you face challenges such as short-term contracts with short notice, steep competition, and mountains of paperwork.

It’s enough to make anyone want to stay home.

Take control of your career

A photo of a woman looking off into the distance.When you travel with Tact, you are the navigator. You choose the job and location that are best for you, and let us do the rest. We specialize in connecting you with rewarding assignments that best fulfill your needs.

Since 1952, medical professionals have trusted Tact. We’re there for you to provide help and administrative support, to maintain compliance and credentials, and to be your advocate and partner.

Are you ready to maximize your earnings, and achieve personal goals, at a variety of top healthcare facilities? Our dedicated team of staffing consultants will work closely with you. We provide the support you need to maintain the perfect work/life balance as you pursue your healthcare adventure.

You're at a crossroads

As a travel healthcare professional, you believe in making a difference YOUR way! So you need a staffing agency willing to go the extra mile.

You can continue your journey as you have been. Or you can travel with Tact. That means the best assignments, the right locations, and the most rewarding lifestyle.

You can take control of your healthcare adventure today. We can help. Ready to discover your next destination?

Who we place

We offer a variety of travel, per diem, contract, and  direct hire opportunities in New York, New Jersey and nationwide. Take a look at the types of positions we fill, or search our job board  for current openings.


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