From job-seekers to employers, nurses to allied health professionals… What do all of us in the medical field have in common? We want to help. So why does it sometimes seem like making a difference should be much easier?

With TactStaff, it can be.

A photo of a medical professional.For travel nurses, an adventurous, flexible lifestyle comes with plenty of complications. Finding the right assignment in the right location with the right benefits, navigating paperwork, housing, tax benefits, and insurance, managing paychecks… it’s a lot.

For RNs, travel nurses and nurse practitioners, allied health, medical clerical, healthcare executives, IT, and non-clinical professionals, case managers, medical directors, physician assistants, and more, quality placements are about more than just filling a seat.

So what’s Tact? We are a Joint Commission-certified travel medical staffing agency. We understand your needs, because our team is made up of experienced medical professionals with practical field experience. Even our head of compliance is a clinical nurse!

Since 1952, medical professionals have trusted TactStaff.

When you work with Tact, you have a team behind you. We’re there to provide help and administrative support, to take your call when you have compliance and credentialing questions, and to match the right fit to the right job – every time.

Since 1952, medical professionals have known they can trust Tact. With our experience, deep relationships in the field, integrity, and history as a family business, we are your partner and advocate.

What’s more, our values are your values: Trust. Resilience. Empathy. Travel. Adventure. Growth. Working hard. Building relationships. Making a real difference in the world.

We’re Tact, and we’re here to help.

Are you ready to unlock your potential?

Whether you’re a job-seeker or an employer, working with TactStaff means taking back control. It means saving time and money, and having someone in your corner. It means having someone to help you, so you can stay focused on helping others.

What does working with Tact mean? It means making a difference.

Are you ready?

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