People For Patients

60 Years Of Helping Healthcare Facilities Bridge The Staffing Gap

As a health professional, your ability to make a real difference hinges on having a the team you can count on standing behind you.

You need more from your staffing agency than just logistical support.

You need a partner, an advocate you can trust.

We're TactStaff, and we've been helping healthcare facilities like yours solve their medical staffing problems for decades.
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Who we are

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Providing high-quality healthcare staffing since 1952

Since our founding in 1952, medical professionals have trusted TactStaff.
Today, we are a fourth-generation family business. What began over 60 years ago as a small boutique medical agency staffing service is now the preeminent placement service for healthcare professionals nationwide.
What does that mean for you? It means you benefit from our experience, deep relationships in the field, integrity, and history.

Our professional values are also our family values

When Maurice Brown founded Tact in Manhattan over 60 years ago, he built the company on integrity. It was a quality that came naturally to Maurice. As an entrepreneur, he always strove to make his customers and staff feel comfortable.
Ever since landing on Ellis Island as a child, Maurice worked hard to define his own American Dream. Over two decades as a cinema owner, he cultivated his ability to form trusting relationships with his community. Those skills proved essential when he changed directions and created a healthcare staffing agency.
Our professional values are also our family values - Tact Medical Staffing
The company began by placing blue-collar workers. But everything changed one day when Maurice was contacted by a pharmacy. It was the original Duane Reade, and they needed a drug clerk on short notice. From there, Maurice (and Tact!) were drawn into the field of allied healthcare staffing. The company began providing staff to hospitals, and the rest is history.
Maurice passed his values — and his company — on to his son, Joseph, who in turn passed both to his son, Robert.
Today, Robert runs the company with his son Matt, and what started at Duane Reade is now a national healthcare staffing agency.

We think Maurice would be proud.

What we do

Your Partner in Quality Staffing

We help healthcare facilities quickly fill open positions and improve the quality of patient care through our highly qualified and talented travel health professionals.
We take care of talent, so they're empowered to exceed expectations by performing far beyond filling a job role and meaningfully improving patient care.

At Tact, we dedicate ourselves to matching experienced, top-notch medical professionals to the right job.

We provide highly-qualified healthcare talent to institutions around the country.

We foster collaborative, long-term relationships between our healthcare clients and professionals and our internal staff. We work to help our medical professionals find the best career opportunities.

People for Patients

At Tact, our goal is Simplified Patient Servicing. To achieve this, we have mapped out a process for meeting the needs of critical staffing needs of our healthcare clients and helping our employees find the most rewarding jobs, careers, and lifestyles at top-tier hospitals and healthcare systems.
Simplified Patient Servicing - Tact Medical Staffing

Our Core Values

Our core values drive us to succeed. They are not only our professional and family values. They are values that are inherent to the healthcare field:
Every medical professional knows the feeling of responsibility that comes with being trusted by a patient. We feel the same sense of responsibility towards our medical professional staffing.
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Our deep respect for the resilience and empathy of those who work in the healthcare field is an inspiration for us every day. We strive to reflect those qualities — not just in our work, but in our lives.
Finally, we pride ourselves on building relationships, maintaining a diligent work ethic, and taking advantage of learning opportunities to continue developing both personally and professionally. The next great idea could come at any time!
Today healthcare professionals lead busy lives. That is why we meet you where and when it is best for you.
You can count on TactStaff to be your partner and advocate. Why? Because our goal is the same as yours: to make it easier for you to get out there and make a real difference.

Ready to make a difference? Learn how Tact can help you find your perfect travel job or talent.