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Surgical Tech 20096961


Job Summary: The Surgical Tech I is responsible for cleaning and handling instruments following standard policies while maintaining updated records. Essential Generic Job Functions (List in order of importance): 1. Follows policy in standardization of set-ups and utilization of surgeon preference and assumes responsibility for the care and proper handling of instruments by neatly organizing all instrumentation before returning to decontamination room and returning all clean supplies to designated areas. 2. Maintains count of sponges, needles, instruments and administrates and labels medications all accordingly to established policy. 3. Handles specimens according to O.R. Policy and Procedures. 4. Controls contamination and provides for decontamination, disinfections, sterilization and sanitation of instruments and equipment. 5. Removes used equipment and properly disposes of contaminated needles and syringes at end of procedures. 6. Participates in team conference to plan care and evaluates effectiveness of patient care and assists circulator in revising plan of care. 7. Maintains ST skills proficiency checklist up to date by checking off equipment and cases, circulating or scrub when rotated through specialty areas. 8. Lifts a minimum of 50 lbs., pushes and pulls a minimum of 400 lbs. and stands a minimum of length of shift. 9. Identifies the needs of the patient population served and modifies and delivers care that is specific to those needs (i.e., age, culture, language, hearing and/or visually impaired, etc.). This process includes communicating with the patient, parent, and/or primary caregiver(s) at their level (developmental/age, educational, literacy, etc.). 10. Adheres to the standards identified in the Medical Center's Organizational Competencies.
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