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Job Summary: The Cat Scan Technologist performs computer tomography procedures and related techniques, producing sectional and three-dimensional images for the interpretation and assists with interventional and therapeutic procedures. Essential Generic Job Functions (List in order of importance): 1. Performs complex CT procedures. 2. Uses professional judgment when reviewing and obtaining patient’s clinical history for procedures, ensuring information is documented and scanned into PACS. 3. Prepares, screens and reviews the accuracy of the contrast questionnaire with patient and/or family member and scan into EPIC. 4. Identifies and/or administers contrast media related to CT exams as prescribed by a licensed practitioner. 5. Reviews the patient prescription to verify appropriateness of exam and if incorrect, communicates with the Radiologist and Referring Physician to obtain additional clinical information or a new prescription. 6. Responsible for calling physicians to clarify the prescription in accordance with the appropriate CT protocols. 7. Responsible for verifying insurance authorized exam script and send exam modification forms to Finance for insurance re-verification. 8. Responsible for obtaining outside studies (CD) then scheduling them in EPIC so the CD and reports are available in PACS in order to be compared by Radiologists. 9. Responsible for providing exam copies to the patient and requesting physician and/or family member. 10. Evaluates radiographs using PACS System to ensure that radiographs contain proper identification and are of diagnostic value. 11. Uses consistent and appropriate techniques to gather relevant information from the medical record, significant others and health care providers to prepare protocols for scanning and patient safety. The collection of information is determined by the patient’s needs or condition. 12. Determines whether the patient has been appropriately prepared for the procedure. 13. Preps patient for scanning: (i.e. shielding, immobilization devices). 14. Determines appropriate type and dose of contrast to be administered. 15. Provides accurate explanations and instructions at any appropriate time and at a level the patient can understand. Addresses and documents patient questions and concerns regarding the procedure when appropriate. 16. Performs venipuncture, IV patency, and maintenance procedures according to established guidelines. 17. Monitors the patient’s physical condition for any adverse reactions during the procedure. 18. Responsible for scheduled shifts including holidays and weekends. 19. Overtime as needed to provide continual quality patients care. 20. On call assignments as needed per Department of Radiology policy. 21. Adheres to the policy of Employee ID, Standards of Behavior, Attendance, and Punctuality. 22. Lifts a minimum of 25 lbs., pushes and pulls a minimum of 50 lbs. and stands a minimum of 6 hours a day. 23. Identifies the needs of the patient population served and modifies and delivers care that is specific to those needs (i.e., age, culture, language, hearing and /or visually impaired, etc.). This process includes communicating with the patient, parent, and/or primary caregiver(s) at their level (developmental/age, educational, literacy, etc.). 24. Adheres to the standards identified in the Medical Center’s Organizational Competencies and Standards of Behavior.

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