Why travel nursing?

Your healthcare adventure is waiting.

A photo of a smiling nurse.Are you passionate about helping people and making a difference, but you also long for an adventurous, flexible lifestyle… new career challenges… and enriching personal and professional experiences?

Travel nursing may be for you!

High-paying, high demand jobs. Freedom and flexibility. Diverse experience. New friends and connections across the US. Personal and professional growth. The opportunity to travel.

These are only a few of the many reasons more and more nurses, from recent graduates to seasoned RNs, are choosing to become travelers.

But it isn’t as simple as just hitting the road.

Take control. Travel with Tact.

Travel nurses fill short-term positions, usually lasting 13 weeks, in hospitals and facilities that are experiencing staffing shortages due to seasonality, expansion, or other reasons. Travel nurses are needed in all nursing specialties and perform all the same duties as permanent, full-time nurses.

Travel nursing can be rewarding, exciting, and lucrative. But it also presents a unique set of challenges.

Gathering compliance and credentialing documentation. Completing paperwork. Arranging housing. Finding the next short-term job on short notice. Standing out from the competition.

To succeed as a travel nurse, you need someone in your corner.

That’s where TactStaff comes in.

Unlock the rewards of travel nursing.

We specialize in connecting you with assignments that fulfill your needs. You choose the job and location that are best for you, and let us do the rest.

Our recruiters work closely with candidates to guarantee placement with the facility that best meets their personal, monetary and professional goals. We provide support to ensure a smooth transition in-between assignments.

When traveling with Tact our nurses are able to maximize their earnings at a variety of top healthcare facilities… while fulfilling personal goals!

Start your adventure today!

A photo of 2 individuals on motorcycles silhouetted in the sunAre you ready to achieve the perfect work/life balance? Are you ready to start making a difference… YOUR way?

Traveling with Tact means the right assignments, the right locations, the right benefits, and the most rewarding lifestyle.

We are more than a staffing agency, or logistical support. We are your trusted partner and advocate.

Your healthcare adventure is waiting. Are you ready to begin?

Benefits of Travel Nursing

COMPETITIVE COMPENSATION – Travel Nurses are provided the opportunity to explore the U.S. while earning competitive pay rates.

FLEXIBILITY – Travel Nursing ensures freedom and flexibility. Work at a new facility every 13 weeks and take as much time between assignments as you want.

MORE JOBS – The demand for nurses in the U.S. is at an all time high, making flexible travel nurses crucial to a facility’s operation. This gives travel nurses access to high-paying jobs in countless locations.

DIVERSIFICATION – Travel Nursing allows you to build your resume with unique jobs in a wide variety of settings. This type of experience and diversity will make you stand out against other RN job seekers.

CONNECTIONS – As a Travel Nurse, you’ll gain professional experience working alongside the nation’s top healthcare professionals and build personal relationships with colleagues around the country.

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