Six months ago, Tact Medical Staffing made the decision to launch into the Travel Nurse Division. This decision has brought us great success, along with rewarding experiences for both ourselves and our travel nurses. We made the decision to go into travel nursing because we knew the value that we could provide. We want to share with you the phrases that we think encompass who we are as a travel nurse agency and the value we are providing to our travel nurses.


Be Adventurous

Becoming a travel nurse is not only a professional adventure, but a personal adventure as well. It is an opportunity to challenge yourself, to explore a new place, and try amazing food…

Pics taken by our Travel Nurse, NJ, on his assignment in Vermont and our travel nurse, Eric, on assignment in South Dakota.


Make a Difference

Nurses make such a huge difference in so many lives. The care and compassion you show to your patients, does not go unnoticed. We know how important your job is, which is why we take our job as recruiters so seriously. Being able to place nurses in hospitals, where you are doing something as crucial as saving lives, is something we feel thankful to be able to do.

Travel with Tact

From the moment we receive your resume we begin trying to build a relationship with you. We know the importance of becoming your friend, before becoming your recruiter. Building friendly, yet professional relationships allows us to discover what you truly want… and don’t want in a travel assignment.

We do everything in our power to make sure you receive the experience you are looking for. We listen to you, and will only present you with opportunities that meet your needs. We love what we do; we feel lucky to be able to be a part of your journey.

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