Tact is always looking for new ways to help those in need. In effort to give back, we will be dedicating our 2017 football office pool to a great cause.

In light of the recent tragic events we will be donating the winner’s earnings to the JJWatt Foundation in his/her name.

The JJWatt Foundation helps any deserving schools that have insufficient funding for after-school athletic programs or have no after-school programs at all.

“The ultimate goal for this foundation is to provide an opportunity for kids to be kids. We want them to be able to have fun and enjoy playing sports with their peers, but at the same time, we want to help lay a solid foundation of characteristics on which they may build the rest of their life. We want to encourage these kids to dream, and dream big. We want to show them that anything is possible as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort that it takes to reach your goals. We want to help give these kids every opportunity for success, and we believe the morals and values they will learn from participating in athletics will carry forth throughout all other aspects of their life.”

We hope that others will give back in anyway they can.

You can click the link below to read more about the JJWatt Foundation and how you can donate!